For Beginners

Most smokers who decide to make the switch to vaping to help them quit cigarettes start off with e-cigarettes, a simple vaporizer that looks and feels like the real thing. This familiarity, and the simplicity offered by disposable e-cigarettes or models which are easily refilled and recharged, is attractive to beginners. But the truth is that these devices do not give you the best vaping experience.

E-cigarettes are great if you are in a hurry, but if you want to sit back and really enjoy a powerful, smooth vapor with a great flavor, then your best option is to spend a few more dollars on a vape mod starter kit. These are slightly more complicated and more sophisticated pieces of equipment, but the starter kits that are available on most online retail sites help you make sure you have all the pieces of equipment you need, and you can often save money by buying everything together. You could save even more if you use a Vapor World coupon to get a reduction on your final bill.

Vape Mod Starter Kit Basics

There are lots of vaporizer options if you decide to take the plunge into the world of vape mods, and while starter kits are the best way to get started, there is nothing to stop you buying all the pieces you need separately if you find good deals online or if you have a Vapor World coupon for particular vape mod items.

If you are going to use vape mods, then you need to make sure that you have all the component parts, and that they are all compatible with each other. Some advanced vapers customize and build their own devices, but when you are just starting out stick to buying from the same brand to ensure that all the kit you buy actually works when you put it together.

Vape mods all need the following pieces of kit of to work properly: the vape mod itself; the clearomizer tank which is where you put your e-liquid or dry herb for heating and which sits on top of the mod; the mouthpiece, through which you inhale the vapor created in the clearomizer; and a battery and charger. Don’t assume that a vape mod will come with all the necessary attachments; the clearomizer tanks, in particular, are usually sold separately.

Best Vape Mod Brands

If you are a beginner, the best vaporizer options are those vape mods with power between 20W and 50W. Anything more than that will produce a very strong vapor, usually aimed at those who have already developed a taste for vaping. The Kanger Topbox Mini is one exception to this rule; it has a 75W battery but you can set it lower to produce a less strong vapor. And of course the more powerful battery means that you can continue to use it for longer than most of the beginner vape mods on the market without needing to upgrade to a new piece of kit. This is a compact and stylish vape mod, and the 4-ml clearomizer tank will hold enough liquid or dry herb to keep you vaping all day without needing a refill.

The Sigelei 90W Plus vape mod is another vaporizer that has a lot of features ideal for beginners, but which also has the power and capacity to keep experienced vapers happy long after more basic devices have started to let you down. As well as a 90W battery, this Sigelei has a large 4.8-ml tank for oils or herbs which fills from the top — much easier for those who are not yet experienced at managing fiddly vaporizer refills. The clear LED screen shows temperature, battery life, wattage, voltage and atomizer resistance; all the information you need to effectively manage your vape mod.

Sometimes, vaping beginners can be put off the idea of buying a vape mod because they perceive them as being difficult and complicated to use. While there are few more components and a few more bells and whistles than the average disposable e-cigarettes, the important thing to remember is that they all work in the same way.

Take a thorough look at the vape mod market to increase your vaporizer options when it comes to buying a device; and if you are willing to spend a little more to get one with a bit more potential power then it will last you for a long time, going on to produce the stronger vapor that experienced vape fans enjoy. It’s always a good idea to check out reputable vape stores like Vape World which houses most, if not all, of the stuff you will ever need as a vaper. If you do your homework before your actual shopping, your diligent research could yield a Vape World coupon you can use to snatch some savings on your purchase.